Unique, April Floyd’s debut novel, introduces readers to six-year-old Unique, a little girl who has witnessed much more than any young eyes ever should. 
In telling Unique’s story, April Floyd draws upon her life experiences and observations as a mother, daughter, godmother, nurse’s assistant and a public school bus driver, as her muses. These varied experiences amongst a diverse population have provided April with a rich source of inspiration. Her characters are full of life and down-to-earth causing each reader to correlate. 
Unique is the uplifting story of a young girl who is seemingly engulfed in insurmountable hardships. Instead of being drowned under the burden of her dysfunctional family and surroundings; she rises above the chaos, and in the process, also raises the lives and expectations of those who are around her. 

The story of how Unique rises above other people’s low expectations of her is inspiring as well as relevant. So many people struggle with disabilities, and yet, with determination and strength of character, anything is truly possible, even with those for whom the bar has been set low; those who are seen by the world as “different.” The character Unique defies those assumptions; the cards dealt her by life and, with the help of those who believe in her, finds a way to achieve her success through her undying determination and the strength of her character. Unique is a modern novel that will draw you into Unique’s world. One out of five Americans may feel especially touched by this book, but everyone can relate to it. It is a whirlwind of emotion, drama, intrigue, and, most of all, passion. It is, indeed, a book that you will not be able to put down or forget.

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April Floyd’s first book, UNIQUE, was published in 2014.

Unique is a little girl with physical and psychological disabilities. Born to a mother who is a drug-addicted prostitute, Unique struggles with low self-esteem that is exacerbated by siblings who torment her due to her disabilities. After suffering a tragedy, Unique makes a promise only she could keep. As the rest of Unique’s life is bound by this promise, it unravels a series of life-changing events for her entire family.Take this complex, exciting and emotional journey with Unique as she fights her way through her life’s struggles until she reaches success on an unbelievable scale and receives what she has always wanted - a united family.

Unique’s Appeal

The story is told through the varying viewpoints of the major characters, so we know from the inside how each of them feels.  It moves back and forth in time, from the present to the past and back to the present. People who’ve been mocked for something they cannot control will identify strongly with Unique. 

Unique will also have a special appeal to the 40 million Americans who suffer from some sort of disability.  Fully 17% of the US population falls into this group.

The Philosophy of Unique

There are millions of children in our country who are never given the opportunity to achieve their dreams because of mental and physical disabilities. Most children with disabilities receive little – If any - Direction after high school; which is one of the leading causes of crime. Far too many young adults who have ADHD, bipolar disease, and schizophrenia end up in jail or dead; misunderstood by the police. It is widely documented that males with mental illness have a high rate of criminal activity; while females have a high rate of sexual misconduct. Turning a blind eye to these children and their special needs only compound the problem. The encouraging news is that law enforcement officers are finally being trained to recognize persons with mental illnesses; and how to handle them with compassion vs. violence. Physically, emotionally or mentally challenged children are different; and their talents are different. All differences should be embraced, not hidden. It is the endless tapestry of human differences that make the world beautiful. Special-needs children require – And deserve - Extra love, support, and resources to achieve their goals well beyond high school.

Parents and families with physically challenged children need love and support also. To live successful lives, special needs young adults need the involvement of more organizations dedicated to posting high-school independent living support, employment and socialization. I wrote Unique with the hope that readers will experience the unconditional love that special-need children possess.  Take a walk in their shoes of everyday challenges. Those provocations impact the families of special needs children; especially low-income families who struggle with emotional roller coasters and expensive medications. Sometimes, family/caregivers turn to drugs and alcohol for temporary relief from the mental, emotional and economic desolation that is often their lives. 

Unique will resonate with the 40 million Americans who suffer from some form of disability.  Fully 17% of the U.S. population falls into this group. . . Many, if not most of whom have been mocked and bullied.This unique novel journeys back and forth in time causing the story to be told through the varying viewpoints of the major characters; giving us a rare glimpse into their thoughts and feelings.

I hope Unique will speak to your heart to make a difference.