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Experience the Magical realism of “The Link” by April Floyd! A genre, while encompassing a range of subtly different concepts, in different worlds such as magical, mystical, and physical—The Link expresses a fundamental realistic view of the real world while also adding and revealing magical fables, myths, and allegory. 
A story filled with Greek Mythology, & many beasts who many think of as Myths: Vampires, Werewolves, Mermaids, The Loch Ness Monster, Witches, Dragons and more! All linked together for one sole purpose—to destroy beliefs in Christ, Christmas & Santa Claus. 
But the—at long last Apprentice, ruins their plans.

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*Young Adult Novel

Genre- Fiction/Magical Realism/Fantasy 

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LInkedIn April Floyd

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UNIQUE World & Unique Life

Unique is a little girl with physical and psychological disabilities.  Born to a mother who is a drug-addicted prostitute, Unique struggles with low self-esteem that's exacerbated by siblings and other children who torment her because she was born different. 

After suffering a tragedy, Unique makes a promise only she could keep.  As this pledge binds the rest of Unique's life, it unravels a series of life-changing events—not just for Unique but her entire family.

Take this complex, exciting and emotional journey with Unique as she navigates her way through many difficult struggles in life; until she reaches success on an unimaginable scale and receives what she has always wanted—a united family.

*Contains some intense violence and explicit sex.

Genre- Fiction/Family Saga/Drama/Erotica

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LInkedIn April Floyd
LInkedIn April Floyd