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Floyd Books Publishing, (FBP) sole purpose is to produce books from authors who do not want to deal with the logistics of the self-publishing world but want to see their ideas in book format. FBP has someone to ghostwrite, review, design book covers, transfer transcripts from handwritten to typeface, edit, animate, or title their project for a flat fee. By FBP doubling up on its outsourced Editors, Graphics Designers, Animators, Illustrators, Review Readers, Ghostwriters, and Photographers—it’s sure to be a haven for many authors.

The company’s production division, Floyd Films, is positioned to adapt select authors’ books to screenplays and produce the work, from script to screen, independently. Additionally, with its extensive contacts throughout the entertainment industry, FBP can facilitate the optioning of select books with outside TV and film production companies, studios and networks. Contracts with its authors are non-binding, allowing the optioning of an author’s work by significant publishers and production companies.

Floyd Books Publishing will not accept any writer that is part of a Writers Guild. All author must be free and clear of any previous contracts or guilds.

Floyd Books Publishing is working with musicians for trailers and film productions.

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LInkedIn April Floyd
LInkedIn April Floyd
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