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LInkedIn April Floyd
LInkedIn April Floyd

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Author, April Floyd was born and raised in St. Louis and continues to be an exciting literary voice in the world of Erotica, dedicating each of her novels to those who want books they can’t put down. She consciously chose not to drag the reader through monotonous descriptions. As you turn the pages, you will find yourself in your favorite chair with a warm blanket, enjoying her unfolding stories. 

Floyd's genre appreciation goes beyond Erotica—fused with Paranormal, Drama, Horror, Suspense, Spirituality, Action, Romance, Magical Realism, and much more. Her style of writing crosses the conventional boundaries of one genre. Floyd's primary objective is to tell stories that are dear to her heart, causing her to be more passionate about her characters as they develop.

Floyd attended Nipher Middle School when she discovered her passion for writing early. Floyd attended Kirkwood High School, and it was there that she enjoyed every writing assignment. She began writing her first novel, The Look of Love. It was finished in 2005 but was destroyed when a storm struck her home while her computer was plugged in. She was devastated, and she stopped writing altogether.  It wasn’t until she met her husband, photographer, and scriptwriter, Eddie Floyd Jr. who encouraged her to write again. As newer devices and technologies developed her husband explained everything about the proper ways of saving her work and showed her several ways to do it, with flash drives, emails, and external hard drives, and encouraged her to write again. In 2008, she began the quest of writing and attending Forest Park Community College.  Her trilogies of Unique were born. Her children, Malissa, Terry, and Walter, Jr., are her inspiration for writing Unique. Her husband, Eddie Floyd Jr., was her inspiration for writing again. 

Floyd started writing as a blogger for in 2013, promoting her hometown St. Louis. 

Floyd’s trilogies of Unique stories were published in February 2014 and since has held it’s five-star ratings. Her novels are a page-turning reflection of her passions; of issues and situations that are dear to her heart. The Unique stories entertain, educate, touch and inspire its readers. The stories are brimming with family drama—and values—love, devastation, loss, redemption, faith, comedy, suspense and a touch of erotica.
Floyd published her latest novel, THE LINK November 2017. The concept of Christ, Christmas and Santa Claus, all being Linked in a world of Magical Realism has unquestionably taken hold of new readers who were looking for a new and different perspective of all three. 

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