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© 2023 by Floyd Entertainment Group/FEG Books Publishing/ Created By Smills Media Promotions


FEG-Floyd Entertainment Group, LLC (co-owners: Eddie Floyd, Jr., & April Floyd) is an
Entertainment company that specializes in making full-length feature films, based on novels
written by writers from their book publishing company Floyd Books Publishing, LLC. Our goal
is to produce motion pictures that will entertain, educate, enlighten, inspire, and stimulate the
spirit of actual filmmaking through provocative story-telling from our well-written novels. We
will convey an immense amount of experience, expertise, and professionalism in the writing and production of a film.


FEG-Floyd Entertainment Group, LLC, produced the new motion short film entitled, “I Am
Unique” —A Family Saga/Drama movie that is both entertaining and commercially valuable to a mass audience. Owning their own publishing company allows them the ability of full control and 
one hundred percent of all copyrighted material written—including, “Unique Life, Unique
World, Unique Message, Unique Change, The Link," and future works: “Cul-De-Sac” “Raywal” “Thunder” “Babies Revenge.”

The company also produces theatrical stage productions, music videos, music & film
soundtracks, music scores, fashion shows, clothing line, and professional photography. FEG has no lack of excellent material for future productions in film, music, and books.

FEG-Floyd Entertainment Group, LLC search out film financiers, independent film investors,
producers, and agents with close relations with streaming networks, music companies exploring
new talents for their labels and theatrical producers seeking projects.