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For a recently purchased book that has missing pages, please contact our publisher (FLOYD BOOKS PUBLISHING) or return the book to the store you purchased it from—the same as you would any item that's defective.


If you've purchased your copy (used) from a garage sale/used bookstore/flea market, etc., sadly, we can’t help you. If you've purchased a discounted book due to defect, sadly we can not help you.

If you've received the book free or traded with a friend but did not purchase the book, sadly, we can’t help you.

Typos are a pain, but they do happen. We do out best to intercept the pesky words and please trust us when we say each manuscript crosses many sets of hands and eyes, but of course, those are human eyes. So we ask for your forgiveness and enjoy the stories Floyd Books Publishing has to offer. 



Good Day from Floyd Books Publishing! We have lots of announcements. 
*"The Link" & "Unique" will be off the market for 60 days starting November 14, 2018. It will be moving from one printing and publishing source to another for broader distribution opportunities.  
*The Unique Novels has three different version. It will be only one version soon. We had (Part One,) (Part Two) and (Part One & Two) together. It will merely be Part One & Two together starting April 1, 2018.
*The Unique Novel cover is UPDATED again, but it is the same book. Look for the New Design Next Week. 
*The Author April Floyd will Start Book Signings again April 21, 2018. If you want to Book her for a signing, now is the time!
*April Floyd presents her latest works at The Author Shout Out with Keynote Speaker Mr. Todd Allen Smith. St. Louis Public Library (Schlafly Branch) April 21, 2018, @ 2 pm. Located 225 N. Euclid Ave. St. Louis, Missouri. 
*Interviews are welcomed, find out about Floyd's upcoming projects, goals, and ventures. Directly send an email to
*We have updated information on our website; please give it a look over!
*Yes! Unique Part Three is our next release! Look for it this year.