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Sixteen-year-old Jess thought to lose her mother—who was Jess’ world—when she was just a little girl, was the worst thing ever. Nonetheless, Jess has given thanks every day that she has been blessed with her beloved grandma; who she calls Grandmau-ma. For most of Jess’ young life, her grandma has taken care of her. Now, as life would have it, the tables have turned. Jess is taking care of Grandmau-ma; and, is happy to return the love she and her grandma always shared. The two also shared a special love for all things Christmas. Jess’s life with her grandma was simple; but happy. It was built upon a firm foundation; which included Christ, Christmas, and the magic of Santa Claus, who many considered a myth. Jess naturally loved all three. While searching for more Christmas lights in Grandmau-ma’s attic, an unexpected journey begins. Jess discovers a mysterious locked box that she’s never before noticed. Curious, she can barely scurry down the attic stairs fast enough to find Grandmau-ma and pepper her with questions. Her grandmother patiently sits her down and explains that the box Jess stumbled upon is a very special box; one which cannot be seen by anyone unless they are “the apprentice.” Grandmau-ma’s explanation only inspires more questions from Jess. Jess unexpectedly embarks upon a quest, with Divine Guidance, to save Christmas and Santa Claus. She learns that her world is only one of many; and, only one of a kind. Even though she is just a 16-year-old girl, Jess quickly realizes that she is “the apprentice” the world has been waiting for. With this stunning, new awareness—through Christ—Jess discovers strength she never dreamed she possessed. With her divine gifts and guidance, Jess knows it is up to her to save Christmas and Santa Claus . . . gradually figuring out how they are all linked. The teenager defies the odds of the “natural” in battles with witches, demons, vampires, wolves, dragons and more. In accompanying Jess on her remarkable journey as “the apprentice,” readers will revel in all the wondrous discoveries of worlds, realms, and lands, as well. They will experience a world saturated with an amalgamation of Greek Mythology, A Creator, Bible passages, and folktales of mythological legends and beasts . . . all mysteriously linked for the sole purpose of destroying Christ, Christmas, and Santa Claus.